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Public spaces are reopening! How to keep your little ones safe while out + about

Written by Bold Commerce Collaborator


Posted on May 18 2020


The ladies of Tesa Babe have been talking, and we’ve realized recently that we’ve all been having some rather similar fantasies as of late. We dream about sitting in a café with a latte, the ambient sounds of chatter and background music creating the perfect white noise to the clacking of our keyboards. We reminisce about having picnics in the park. We think about being somewhere, anywhere, with more than ten people around.

Are you all having these thoughts too? Under the circumstances, it only makes sense.

As public spaces start to open back up, many of us wonder how we can go back to “normal” life safely. More importantly, we wonder how we can ensure the safety of our little ones while venturing into the space beyond the front door. 

We did some research here at Tesa Babe, and this is what we came up with:

Firstly, the CDC suggests that even though public spaces are opening back up, it’s probably still best to refrain from setting playdates for your children. Even if the risk is low, any exposure to people outside the household could potentially bring your child into contact with the virus. Best to keep the kiddos at home!

However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t go outside. If you have a backyard or front yard or a patio, set them outside to play and to get some fresh air, as long as they don’t come into contact with other people or with things that may have been touched by strangers.

All of us have to get outside sometimes, either to go to work, or to go to the grocery store, or to take a socially distanced walk. While it’s necessary, it still puts us at risk for coming into contact with the virus and potentially passing it on to our young ones. After arriving home and before swooping up your little bundle of joy, make sure you wash your hands or disinfect. Safety first!

Although it’s safest to leave your child at home when you go outside, not all of us have that option. Some of us are single mothers, or sometimes it’s hard to find a babysitter when the spouse is at work and you have to go grocery shopping. So, if you do venture outside with your little one, here are a couple of tips to keep them safe:

  1. To mask or not to mask?

The CDC suggests that everyone who ventures outside should wear a mask except for children under the age of two. For children aged 0-2, wearing a mask could potentially be more dangerous than not wearing one.

  1. Don’t touch that!

As mothers, we’re all familiar with this line. But now it’s more important than ever to set these boundaries. The virus can live for hours or days on surfaces, depending what material they’re made of, so when you’re out and about with your child, remember not to set them on anything and don’t let them touch anything.

  1. Bring disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer

While it’s best to not let your child touch anything at all, sometimes this is impractical. What will you do, for example, if you need to bring your toddler to the grocery store? You’ll probably set them in the child seat of the grocery cart, am I right? But if you have disinfectant wipes with you, you’ll be able to wipe the seat down before you set your child down. And, if your toddler accidentally touches something, you’ll be ready with the hand sanitizer to wash their hands on the spot.

  1. Monitor your stress

Going outside might be a tad stressful right now, and if you’re stressed, your child might pick up on it. Their mental health is just as important as their physical health, so try to remain calm even while attempting socially distance from the people in line at the grocery store!

From all of us here at Tesa Babe, we hope everyone is staying safe out there!

P.S. If you have any other tips for staying safe, feel free to comment below!