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How to Have an Epic Easter Egg Hunt

Written by Ariana Crisafulli


Posted on April 15 2022


Easter is just around the corner, and anyone who has small children knows that Easter just isn't Easter without an egg hunt. We've listed six tips below for hosting an epic Easter egg hunt.


Choose the kind of eggs you want to hide

Plastic eggs are a great option because you can hide treats inside, such as candy, coins, dollar bills (if you're feeling generous), or little toys. Depending on the age range, it might even be cute to add little notes in the eggs like "Mommy and daddy love you!" or "Free trip to the beach". You can also choose to use dyed hard-boiled eggs. While not as exciting as plastic eggs with goodies inside, dyed hard-boiled eggs have the added benefit of creating some memorable family moments before the Easter egg hunt when you get to dye the eggs together as a family. You can mix and match these eggs, or you can offer prizes at the end of the hunt if you choose not to use plastic eggs with goodies.


Read our blog post on how to make your own organic Easter egg dyes


Choose the location

Will the event take place in your backyard? In the backyard of a friend or relative? If you live in an urban area where no one has any yard space, think about if there are any parks nearby to conduct an Easter egg hunt. The most important thing is to make sure it's a space where you can keep an eye on the kids and set clear boundaries, and somewhere not too close to busy roads. And of course it must be a space where there are plenty of hiding places for Easter eggs!


Have baskets at the ready

You can ask people to bring their own baskets, but it doesn't hurt to have some baskets and buckets at the ready just in case!


Hide the eggs

For a fair and equal Easter egg hunt, make sure all the eggs are hidden before the guests arrive. When hiding the eggs, take into consideration the ages of the children who will be participating. If they are very small children, hide the eggs in easy places to find. If they are older, make the game more challenging by hiding them in more discreet places. If you have a mix of ages, choose a mix of both easy and difficult spots, or consider doing two separate hunts.


Pro tip: Count the eggs before you hide them!


Ready, set, go!

If you only have one age group, this step is pretty straight forward… all you have to do is let them loose! If you have different age groups, consider letting the little ones go 30 seconds before the bigger kids. This might mean a heart-to-heart with the older kids about sharing and fairness (good luck!). Or think about having two separate egg hunts in the name of having a peaceful Sunday.


Tally up the loot

Tally up the loot to make sure that all the eggs were found. If you've decided to turn this into a contest, this is also where counting your eggs will come in handy. Instead of making the contest about how many eggs the kids find, think about doing a more creative contest. Maybe the prize goes to the kid who finds the golden egg. Or maybe the eggs each have a letter on them and the prize goes to whoever gets the right combination to spell Easter (depending on the age range of the children). This way you will avoid the danger of kids stampeding around the place and potentially fighting each other over found eggs. We all want a happy, peaceful Easter here!


Most importantly, look cute

Today's the day to show off those adorable Tesa Babe easter outfits! Whether you have a little one participating in the hunt, or a baby in your arms as you watch from the sidelines, everyone can look cute and be comfy in Tesa Babe outfits.

That's all folks! We hope everyone has a super epic Easter this year!