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How to do 4th of July with a Baby (and Still Have Fun)

Written by Ariana Crisafulli


Posted on June 29 2021


Ah, 4th of July… a holiday that combines some of the very best things… cold beers and fruity cocktails, sun lounging and swimming, live music or excellent playlists, lots of people around, and a spectacular visual display of pyrotechnics. Yes, indeed, the 4th of July is a wonderful day.

Except… now you have a baby, and all of the "fun" things suddenly take on a much different hue. Babies don't like lounging in the sun, for example, and they're not very strong swimmers. They tend not to like very loud music or large crowds. They become way too overstimulated and even a little bit freaked out when it comes to fireworks, and they're complete teetotalers! What a drag, man.

Kidding. While the 4th of July might look a little different with baby in the picture, that doesn't mean it can't still be fun - and safe! 

Stay chill

Firstly, if you're planning on being outside, either find a very shady spot or bring plenty of shade with you. If your baby is older than six months old, it's okay for them to wear sunscreen, but having lots of shade available is still a good plan. 

Even better is bringing a kiddie pool with you. Whether you're barbecuing at the park or soaking the sun up at the beach, baby can cool down and splash around in their very own little watering hole, keeping them entertained and not too hot!

Avoid hanger

Bring plenty of snacks and drinks. The last thing you want is a hangry baby or toddler when you're trying to have a good time. If your baby is still breastfeeding and you want to indulge in an Independence Day beer or two, make sure to bring formula or to pump and dump... baby doesn't need to have that good of a time. And of course bring plenty of water for both you and your toddler so that the sunny 4th of July vibes don't leave anyone dehydrated. 

Entertainment is key

You'll have plenty of your own toys to keep you entertained on the 4th - little frilly cocktail umbrellas, beach chairs, floaty devices - so it's only fair that your child should have their toys too! Bring their favorite ones, especially the ones that are the most likely to keep them occupied and content. Perhaps a nice puzzle or a lego set (if your child is not prone to putting things in their mouth of course!) That way everyone is entertained and happy.

Loud noises!

The fireworks issue is a little tricky. Here you have a few options. One is to stay home and avoid the fireworks altogether if your baby is particularly sensitive to loud noises. Another is to go see the show, but from a distance. And finally, you can also bring ear muffs for your child, but even so it still might be a good idea to opt out of the front row seating.

Bring grandma

Need we say more?

So there you have it. 4th of July may look a little different with a baby, but the whole family can still have a good time and feel safe and comfortable with these tiny adjustments. If you have any tips of your own for a child-friendly 4th of July, let us know in the comments section below!