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How to Build the Perfect Snowman

Written by Ariana Crisafulli


Posted on December 10 2021


Snow is so magical. It hushes all sound as it comes down, and it's so beautiful when it settles, transforming any environment into a winter wonderland. Plus it offers so many wintertime activities! Sledding, skiing, making snow angels, and of course… building snowmen! 

Constructing a snowman is not always an easy task. There is definitely a science to it. Hopefully our guide on how to build the perfect snowman offers some useful tips that you and your family can use this winter!

Location, location, location

Before you begin the construction of your new snow friend, make sure you choose a place where he (or she!) will have the best chance of survival. Somewhere flat and shady will do just fine.

The materials

The success of your snowman-building endeavor will depend largely on the kind of snow you use. Anything too wet will end up dripping and drooping and ultimately falling apart. Anything too dry won't pack together well enough to form a ball. If the available snow is too dry, you can remedy the situation by setting your hose to "mist" and lightly spraying it down before beginning your project. If the snow is too wet, you may have to wait for some fresh powder.

Let's roll

Once you have your perfect snow and materials, it's time to get building! Start by getting the ball as large as you can in your hands first. Pack the snow as tightly as you can. To get the ball bigger, roll it around in the snow, shaping it as you go. Once you have the first one done, brace the bottom of it to keep the whole structure steady. Flatten the top of the bottom one to help support the middle one. Flatten the bottom and top of the middle one, and the bottom of the top one to stabilize your snowman.

It's all about balance

The ideal ratio for a snowman is the 3-2-1 ratio. Meaning, of course, that the bottom ball should be the biggest, the middle ball should be smaller, and the top ball should be smallest of all. If you want to be precise about it, you can even measure out a perfect 3-2-1 diameter ratio. For example, the bottom ball would be three feet in diameter, the middle ball would be two feet, and the top ball would be one foot. 

Time to decorate!

To really turn your structure into a true snowman, you need to give him some personality. Start by giving your snowman a face, perhaps using a carrot for the nose and pebbles for the eyes. Get the whole family involved in the creativity! You can also add a hat, scarf, or anything else you think your snowman might need.

Any tips for building the perfect snowman? Let us know in the comments section below!