How to Bridge the Generational Gap: on Mother's Day and Every Day

Written by Ariana Crisafulli


Posted on April 20 2022


Time moves so fast these days! And not just because you're watching your children grow up way too fast! But also because the rate of technological development has increased. This, no doubt, has caused a generational rift in your family - in all families. Your mother and father likely grew up in a time when television only had four channels, and video chatting was the stuff of science fiction. These days most of us couldn't do our work without Zoom, and our little ones take it for granted, growing up saying hi to grandma and grandpa over the computer screen. How are your children and your parents supposed to relate to one another with this kind of generational divide?

Read on to answer that question for a multi-generational Mother's Day (and every day!)

Encourage listening on both sides

Bridge the generational gap by avoiding stereotyping on both sides. We start to stereotype when we stop listening and start making assumptions. By encouraging your child and your parents to listen to each other with open minds, they might find they have more in common than they thought, and they might even discover some interesting things! Pay attention for cues to highlight something that might be interesting to both generations during conversation. For example, if one of your parents says something about how she used to have to get around with only a paper map instead of GPS, ask your child if they can even imagine that! If your child talks about a new technology, ask your parents if they know about it. 

Mother's Day activity: Do a story circle where you choose a theme and everyone tells a story from their lives about that theme. Even if your child is only kindergarten age, they can still share a story about a friend or about something that happened at school.

Promote sharing

If the generational gap is widening, promote closeness by prompting sharing. Ask your child and your parents to share what their favorite movies are, or their favorite book, or their favorite kind of music, and why. You all might discover some interesting new things! 

Mother's Day activity: Watch your mother's favorite movie, or do a show and tell where everyone brings something special to them and tells the story of it.

Highlight knowledge

Have both generations help each other with their specific knowledge. Grandma might have incredible cooking recipes and techniques or grandpa might be a fantastic artist, and your children might be able to help them with their computer skills. This way, everyone wins and has a good time while they're at it!

Mother's Day activity: Cook something together, or do something crafty. 

Make new memories

There's nothing like spending quality time together to make new family memories and foster closeness. When you get together, think of some activities that everyone would like to do together, or have a rotating "turn" maybe once a month where one person gets to choose an activity for the family.

Mother's Day activity: Make a scrapbook together and hash over old memories while making new memories. Play a board game together or go on a hike. 

Show love

Have your kids draw pictures for grandma and grandpa, or have your parents call in to say hi to your kids. Feeling loved and appreciated is what family is all about.

Mother's Day activity: Have your children make cards for your mother, or get them adorable Tesa Babe rompers that express love for grandma.


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