Holiday Traditions!

Written by Ariana Crisafulli


Posted on December 15 2020


Although many of us celebrate the holidays in similar ways, each family is unique, and thus has its own unique traditions. For example, we get a new Christmas ornament each year and write the year on it. We have ornaments going all the way back to the early 90s! There's hardly any space left on the tree anymore to put them all! But we wouldn't have it any other way. Each ornament represents another year of memories as a family, and that's really what it's all about.

We were curious whether any of you mamas out there also had your own unique holiday traditions that you wanted to share, so we asked! In exchange for all your lovely stories, we offered a holiday romper to one lucky winner. There were so many good answers it was hard to choose! But in the end we decided to go with @heidi.reyes25 for the coziness of Christmas day she elicited, and for the idea of passing holiday traditions on through the generations.

Here's what she said:



But everyone's answers were so wonderful so we had to share them all!



Happy holidays everyone!