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Christmas Decorations to Make with the Whole Family!

Written by Ariana Crisafulli


Posted on November 27 2020


The holidays are upon us! We love this time of year with the sweater weather and the cozy fire in the fireplace, and the good food and company. What we love even more is crafting with our loved ones. Making Christmas decorations is a great indoor activity to do with the family, and it's one of the best ways to make memories. The ladies here at Tesa Babe have put together a few Christmas crafting suggestions for you and your family to do together!

  1. Cupcake Wrapper Christmas trees

If you're having any festive cupcakes this Christmas, you can use the cupcake wrappers to create adorable little Christmas trees! Simply fold the wrappers into Christmas tree shapes, then glue three of them to a popsicle stick. To make them even more festive, add sequins, glitter, or ribbon! 

  1. Fingerprint Snowmen

This is a fun, easy finger painting craft for the whole family! Take plain Christmas tree bulbs and paint snowman shapes on them with white paint. When the white paint dries, draw on the face, hat, and scarf in magic marker. Whenever you take these decorations out for years to come you'll remember the little hands that once made them, even when your kids are all grown up.

  1. Bead Candy Canes

A few pipe cleaners and some beads can be transformed into cute, stripy candy canes. This activity is also perfect for the little ones because it's great for practicing fine motor skills! Simply put the beads on a green pipe cleaner, then shape like a candy cane.

  1. Hanging Spiral Christmas Tree


These hanging Christmas trees are a great chance to practice scissor skills while creating a fun decoration. Trace a spiral on a piece of green card, then cut along the line. To make them even more fun, decorate with stickers, pom poms, and/or glitter, then hang them from the ceiling!

  1. Snowman Pegs

These little snowman decorations are cute and fun to make! Paint some wooden pegs white and then let your children transform them into these adorable snowman decorations. You can use the picture as an example for the snowmen.

  1. Paper Plate Santa

This cute Santa is a fun finger paint project for your little one. All you need is a paper plate, paint, and cotton balls. Start by painting the plate red in the area that will be the hat, and then filling in the flesh color for the face. When that's dry, paint a red nose  and black eyes. Then add the cotton balls for the beard and the hat trim.

  1. Popsicle sticks santa

With just a popsicle stick, cotton balls, and red paint, your little one can make a Santa! Have your little one finger paint the red parts of the Santa suit, then draw in a face. When it's dry you can add the cotton balls to make a Santa beard and the hat trim. Add a red ribbon to the top and it’s a Christmas decoration!

  1. Paper Plate Grinch

We have our Santas already, so why not a Grinch too to make your Christmas crafts complete? Firstly, take a paper plate and turn it upside down. Draw a curvy triangle shape on the sides of your paper plate to make the face shape for the Grinch. Next, cut out the shapes on the sides of the paper plate. Paint your paper plate with green paint. Then cut out the hat, eyes and nose on color cardstock. Once your paper plate is finished drying, glue the hat, nose and eyes on. Then draw eyebrows and eyelashes on your Grinch.

  1. Pasta Noodle Christmas Tree Card


This is the perfect Christmas craft to give to loved ones. For this one, you can use macaroni noodles for the garland on the tree so you can alternate these going up and down to look like it’s a wavy garland. Instead of painting each noodle, you can fill a sandwich bag with paint, put the noodles in the bag, and squish them around. Easy peasy.

Next, make small cards with white cardstock. Just fold them in half and cut to the size you’d like. Now start designing your Christmas tree: break  off a piece of the gold fusilli noodle or candy cane to make as the tree trunk. Then you can start adding your green fusilli noodles starting at the bottom of the tree and working your way up. 

Glue each piece in the Christmas tree design, let it dry, and then write heartwarming notes to friends and family!

Have a fun, safe holiday everyone!