8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baby Name

Written by Ariana Crisafulli


Posted on May 05 2022

Congrats - you have a baby on the way! Time to prepare. You've got to get the room ready, purchase some adorable, cute rompers (obviously), and, well… choose a name! How do you and your partner even begin to make a decision on something so important? Maybe you've discussed it already and the two of you haven't quite come to an agreement yet. Or maybe you're just getting started. With so many names to choose from, it can be a pretty big undertaking. That's why we've created this little guide to help you make this oh so important decision for the soon-to-be most important person in your life.

What does the name mean?

As you think about baby names together, do a quick Google search of what each name means, just to double check that it doesn't mean something like Terror of the High Seas or Stubborn as a Mule - after all, toddlers already create enough havoc as it is! If you decide you like a name and you look up its meaning to discover that it means love or light, all the better. Or, you can do the reverse. What do you feel or think of when you think about the bump in your belly? Happiness? Love? What about Joy? Joy is a beautiful name that also has a wonderful meaning. Or, if you want the name to be more unique, translate it into other languages. Joy in Spanish and Portuguese is Alegria. This has a beautiful sound and a beautiful meaning.

Consider the nationality of origin

Maybe you'd like to connect your child to their roots, so you think about choosing a name from your husband's Irish heritage, or from your own French heritage. Doing a Google search will easily bring up names on both sides. For Irish names you may see Sean, James, Erin, and Fiona. On the French side you'll read names like Gabriel, Leon, Juliette, and Elodie. All beautiful names! 

But you may want to watch out for names that are difficult to pronounce or spell… for everyone's sake. For instance, these Irish names: Aoife, Caoimhe, Eoghan, and Eoin. Or these French names: Maëlys, Marceau, Héloïse, and Capucine. They might sound lovely (once you learn how to pronounce them), but it might create some difficulty for your child later on when they have to explain their names to everyone.

Name them after a beloved family member

In the same vein, think of a family member who you want to honor. Perhaps it's a kind-hearted role model in your family. Or maybe it's a grandparent who passed who you wished your child had gotten to know. This is a wonderful way to connect your child to their family and their roots.

Don't overlook the initials

Maybe you love the name Alana for the first name, but you also simply must have the middle name be your favorite aunt's name, Stephanie. And then your last name is Stephens. Hmm… you may want to reconsider those names in that particular order. 

Think about what the nickname would be

Although you may fall in love with a name, you always have to consider the fact that other people (or even you and your partner) will end up calling your child by a shortened version of that name. Especially if the name is a long one. Make sure to ask yourself if you like the shortened version. For example, maybe you love the name Anastasia, but you or others may find that they don't want to pronounce the four syllables every time they say your child's name.  Heck, even your child may not want to introduce all four syllables every time they meet someone new. Ask yourself if you like the nicknames Ana or Ann. If not, maybe choose another name.

On the other hand, maybe you choose a name because you like the nickname it comes with. Maybe you want to call your little girl Charlie, but you don't want Charlie to be her official name. So instead you name her Charlize and call you her Charlie. This also gives her the opportunity to choose which one she likes better when she gets older.

Go old-fashioned

If you're looking for something unique but don't know where to start, look to the near past! Here are some fun, old-fashion names:


  • Iris
  • Faye
  • Bernadette
  • Beatrice
  • Estelle 
  • Florence
  • Evelyn


  • Oliver
  • Elijah
  • Lucas
  • Arthur
  • Jackson
  • Owen
  • Julian

Choose a an inspiring well-known figure

Do you or your partner have a favorite famous figure you admire? Maybe you are inspired by Maya Angelou's poetry or the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Perhaps you love Virginia Woolfe or Ernest Hemmingway, or maybe you admire the characters they create. What about historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr or Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Naming your child after a famous person you admire is simply another way of choosing a name with meaning.

Be inspired by nature

Who says you have to choose a traditional name at all? There is inspiration everywhere you look. Choose a name from nature like Iris or Blossom or Sky for a beautiful name that evokes the natural world.

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