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What is Tesa Babe Clothing?
Tesa Babe creates trending newborn-thru-toddler fashions of the highest quality. All of our clothing is 100% cotton, so it’s comfy to wear. Our exclusive prints in limited edition patterns mix-and-match easily for a variety of fun outfits that translate from one season to the next.

We're Moms too!Tesa Babe is owned and operated by a dedicated group of women running a business we all share knowledge of: baby clothing. We're mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and nieces—and we believe in the power of women working together to help all women be strong and loved in the world. (Full disclosure--there's a few fathers and grandfathers too)!

The Spirit of Childhood
Tesa Babe is involved in every aspect of the clothing creation process – from concept and design, to choice of materials, clothing construction, the manufacturing process and of course, quality control. Our imaginative garments are manufactured to be kid-friendly and comfortable, wholesome and fashionable--the perfect combination to reflect the whimsical spirit of childhood.

Moms Helping Moms
Tesa Babe donates to Mothers-in-need through a variety of non-profit programs throughout the United States. Thanks to you, our customers, for helping to make our donations possible.

New Arrivals
Always fresh and fun, Tesa Babe introduces new baby to toddler clothing collections throughout the year. With the many prints, patterns, and accessories, you can create fashionable outfits for a wide variety of occasions. All of our clothing is easily worn together, so it's easy and fun to mix and match. Get creative! When you buy from Tesa Babe, you’re curating a wardrobe of fun and comfy fashion possibilities.

Our History
In the beginning…
In 1985, CEO Therese Jordan created and ran a hosiery fashion company working with designer Carolyn LaPorte and many other talented folks who also eventually became key players in Tesa Babe. In 2011, as life and babies intervened, the team took a break.

In 2012, Therese and Carolyn reunited in the fashion arena, this time to pursue their dream of making fun and comfy baby clothes. Tesa Babe soon expanded into a full line of fashionable prints and comfortable baby clothing… the kind of clothing that they had wanted their babies to wear when they were growing up.

We now work with our own grown and talented daughters and other previous employees from Crystal Creations. With our long history together and our shared passion for creating fashionable baby apparel, we’re like one big family, creating, supporting, and sharing ideas together.

In 2014, we launched a consumer website to support our expanding brand and sell directly to consumers at TesaBabe .com
And now here we are… Tesa Babe!

Thank you for your patronage, we'll do everything we can to make you jump up and scream EUREKA over our brand!

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